Are you looking for a perfect Mobility Budget solution for your employees? The Mobility Budget Package allows you to pay, plan and arrange business and private mobility for your staff fully in line with the tax rules and your company settings using the Business XXImo Mobility Card, the Mobility Budget Card and Milo, our all-in-one mobility app. Pure convenience!

Two cards, one app!
The Mobility Budget Package includes two smart payment cards: the Business XXImo Mobility Card for business mobility costs, to be set by the employer according to type of mobility, and the Mobility Budget Card to be able to carry out transactions according to the rules of the monthly Mobility Budget. Your employee always has insight into their budget and mobility services via Milo. All mobility services and expenses are shown on 1 invoice with VAT split, so you always have clear insight.

Mobility Budget Card
Have you decided to trade in the current company car for a more sustainable one? In that case, authorised mobility services throughout Europe can be paid for from the Mobility Budget with the Mobility Budget Card. No more hassle with receipts and expense claims. And the balance you have not used in one month remains available for the next month ā€“ this is what we call a cumulative budget. The Mobility Budget Card only allows transactions in accordance with the tax rules:Mobility Budget Card

  • Public transport
  • Shared cars
  • Shared bikes
  • Shared scooters and motor scooters
  • Taxi
  • International train tickets
  • Short-term rental

Business Mobility Card
As an employer, you are in control of setting up the mobility services for the Business XXImo Mobility Card. Each service below can be activated for each individual employee in the My XXImo Portal. A budget and a region can be determined for each service for each employee. No hassle with receipts and all mobility services on 1 invoice! Mobility service options:

  • Public transport
  • Refuelling
  • Parking/tolls
  • Taxi
  • Shared Mobility such as (electric) cars, bicycles, scooters or motor scooters
  • National and international travel
  • Short-term rental
  • Food and drink
  • Airline tickets
  • Hotels

Mobility Budget Package

The two Mobility Cards together with the app is the all-in-one solution for companies that want to give their employees the opportunity to move professionally as well as privately in a flexible manner. This perfectly with the introduction of the Mobility Budget in Belgium.

Insight into the available budget
Your current balance is clear in both your personal ‘My XXImo’ account and Milo, preventing unpleasant surprises for cardholders. In addition, Milo asks for each mobile payment whether it must be paid from the Mobility Budget or via the Business Mobility Card.

1 Invoice; no hassle with receipts and expense claims
You receive 1 invoice for all your employees’ mobility expenses. The invoice is a document that is officially approved by the tax authorities and can therefore be processed directly by the accounting department. It saves you a lot of time, hassle and money in processing receipts.


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