A closer look at: the XXImo mobility budget

Belgium is literally getting congested. For a suitable solution we have to find out together how and by what means we move from A to B. Business travel by car is the culprit in most cases. However, the new legislation offers more scope for gaining tax benefit from the use of alternative means of transport.

How does the mobility budget work in practice?mobility budget belgium

Tom De Vlaminck works at Janssens B.V.B.A. and commutes to the head office in his lease car 5 days a week. Every day he gets caught in those annoying traffic jams. Tom and his colleagues have now agreed to go carpooling… but that is only the only thing: As of next year Tom will have a monthly mobility budget of €250 and he has decided to get a smaller car.

The difference in budget means he will have more money to pay for alternative mobility. Tom can pay for his shared car or shared bike from this budget, but he also takes the train once a week. Moreover, Tom works from home one day a week, which has a positive effect not only on time and fuel consumption, but also on his mobility budget. Tom can use that benefit to take his family to the beach by train at the weekend. Tom pays for all these mobility movements with the XXImo Mobility Card.

XXImo. For the employer and employee.

All (business) travel movements of Tom and his colleagues can easily be facilitated using one tool: the XXImo Mobility Card. XXImo facilitates the so-called split, where every employee has in fact two pots of money: one for professional expenses, such as a taxi ride to a customer, and one for the mobility budget, from which Tom and his colleagues pay for commuting and other mobility expenses.

In full swing

When it was launched in 2013, the XXImo platform was set up and further developed according to the ‘mobility budget’ principle. The new legislation is not yet complete, but the basis of the XXImo solution will enable us to comply fully with the new legislation, now and in the future. We follow this closely and are continuously looking how we can improve our product in order to make it as easy as possible for your employees.

Want to know more?
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