XXImo and Visa have been making mobility easier for 10 years and developments are going faster and faster. For example, Visa is playing an increasingly important role in payment for “shared mobility” options, such as shared bicycles, shared cars, shared scooters, motorised scooters and taxis. With the arrival of Mobility as a Service, Visa is promoting contactless card/telephone/wearable as identification and payment for MaaS transactions. In cities such as London, Vienna, Istanbul, Shanghai, New York, Miami and Singapore, many millions of people already travel every day using contactless payment. With this new ‘digital contactless technology’ XXImo and Visa are ready for MaaS. Are you?


Contactless is the future

Visa is the most widely accepted and most secure payment platform in the world. XXImo uses this platform to process and register customer payments. To make mobility even easier in the future, we focus on the following 2 pillars.

1. Mass-transit (public transport)

Visa’s technology makes it possible to check in and out on public transport. One payment solution for everything – train, bicycle, scooter, motorised scooter, bus, subway, etc. In metropolises such as London, Miami, New York, Rio de Janeiro and Singapore, millions of people already use contactless check-in.

2. EV charging

The current way of paying for electric charging is open to public debate. Questions about price transparency, the risk of copying top-up cards and the slow exchange of data as a result of which there is no real-time insight into transactions. In the Netherlands, Allego has started installing contactless readers at charging points to process Visa transactions, with the benefits of security, real-time data exchange and direct insight into costs. Tesla’s superchargers also accept (via the app) XXImo/Visa.