How does it work? -XXImo in 4 steps



No receipts, a single monthly VAT summary invoice

The self-service website ‘My XXImo’ provides a daily summary of all travel, expenditure and costs. These mobility costs are collected on a single monthly invoice, which you can use for your VAT return. No hassle with expenses claims and receipts, a single clear summary for your records. All VAT itemised on the invoice is 100% deductible.


More than just a fuel card

After applying for XXImo, your XXImo Mobility Card will be sent straight out to you, containing the refuelling and parking mobility options with a budget of € 200. You can use it to start travelling straight away. If you need more services, it is possible to independently turn services on or off via the ‘My XXImo’ self-service website and to adjust your budget if necessary.

XXImo helps you save money

With XXImo, you save on your business costs by reducing refuelling and parking charges, taking advantage of discounted travel on public transport and maximising your VAT refunds. In addition, you save on the cost of processing all those individual receipts and expenses claims. With XXImo, individual receipts are a thing of the past – all transactions can be viewed online. Read more.

Download the Milo app

Ready to go with your XXImo Mobility Card? First download the free Milo app. It will help you plan routes and immediately find all the relevant services in your immediate vicinity. That way, you’ll get the most out of XXImo!