Press release: Alphabet extends cooperation with XXImo

Aartselaar, 9 November 2018 - Alphabet has extended its collaboration with XXImo. Alphabet will continue to use XXImo Mobility to offer its customers in Belgium a mobility card. The XXImo mobility card and app make it possible to efficiently manage and pay for various forms of business travel. Users can use the card to pay for, among other things, parking, public transport, taxis, shared cars, scooters, bicycles, as well as car washes, and refuelling is also possible at 98% of Belgian petrol stations. Fleet managers then receive an invoice with a detailed overview of the various costs and VAT per user. In 2016 Alphabet had already started offering its customers the mobility card to respond to changing mobility needs. The mobility card is an integral part of the AlphaFlex product, which allows companies to offer different means of transport to their employees within a pre-determined budget. This makes it possible to, for example, seamlessly combine a company car, bicycle and/or a mobility card. “We attach a great deal of importance to our partnership with XXImo. Just like Alphabet, XXImo is a company that stays innovative by permanently optimising and expanding its mobility offer,” says Erik Swerts, Managing Director of Alphabet Belgium. “This extended cooperation ensures that we can continue to offer our customers appropriate mobility solutions, including within the framework of the mobility budget imposed by the government.” Patrick Bunnik, CEO of XXImo, adds: “We are proud that Alphabet will continue to provide its customers with our app and payment cards in the future so as to optimally plan, pay for and administer the rapidly growing range of mobility solutions.” We enjoy working with the Alphabet team in Belgium. The offering has proved to be a success as in recent years various companies have opted to offer their employees the mobility card. Going forward, Alphabet will continue to work with XXImo to continue to include this mobility card in its mobility offer. Read more