Electric car charging

Like other sustainable options such as car/bike sharing and public transport, electric charging can be paid for and automatically reimbursed with the XXImo Mobility Card. All transactions for electric charging are clearly shown on a single VAT invoice, along with all other business travel expenses incurred using the XXImo Mobility Card. Which is handy.

Charging your electric car with XXImo

Charging and/or refuelling throughout Europe with a single charge card? Only with the XXImo Mobility Card. The free Milo app from XXImo shows the nearest charging stations in the Netherlands and abroad, even in car parks and at airports. Need to charge up en route or at your destination? Enter your destination and Milo will get you there.

Electric charging with Tesla

With the XXImo Mobility Card it is possible to pay for electric charging via the Tesla app! Make sure your Mobility Card is registered in the Tesla app and the service ‘EV’ is activated on your Mobility Card. Experience the convenience!

Overview of electric car charging points

The Netherlands, Luxembourg & Belgium

  • More than 23,300 public charging stations in the Benelux and counting
  • Check the Milo app to see where you can charge your car, for iPhone or Android


  • All NewMotion charging points
  • View all the options in Germany here. Uncheck ‘refuelling A,B and C’ by clicking on it and click of Refuelling. Then, check (country) ‘Germany’ and ‘charging points’
  • Want a complete list on your mobile? Download the free Milo app


  • Great! You can even recharge your electric car in Europe. Where? Download Chargemap from the app stores and head into Europe with confidence with hassle-free charging
  • Simply link Chargemap to your XXImo Mobility Card to settle up the costs – available from the iPhone and Android app stores


Electric charging with XXImo – the benefits

  • Access to charging points throughout Europe! And the number is growing all the time.
  • Always mobile and flexible
  • Easily pay for charging sessions with one tap with tag or XXImo Mobility Card
  • No worries when you are on the road; the Milo app shows you all the charging stations in the Benelux and Germany at a glance
  • All transactions clearly shown on a single VAT invoice
  • Getting your employer to pay directly for your home recharging is available as an option. Ask your employer and if they agree, get in touch with us. We will be happy to help.

Want to know more about electric charging with XXImo? Please contact us. We will be pleased to tell you all about the options for electric charging and more with the XXImo Mobility Card.

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