Parking and toll

There's no longer any need to keep a separate ticket, wait by a payment terminal or estimate how long you will be staying ahead of time. Hassles with tickets and expenses claims, which cost you even more time, are a thing of the past. The XXImo Mobility Card offers the solution by doubling as a parking pass. All your parking charges conveniently listed on a single VAT invoice. Which makes it easy to keep track.

Using your XXImo card as a parking pass

With the XXImo Mobility Card, you can administer and pay for your parking session not only in Belgium but throughout Europe – for on-street parking and car parks alike. In Belgium, you can use all car parks run by operators including Q-Park, Interparking, Apcoa, Vinci and B-parking (at SNCB stations) – and you can also use your XXImo Mobility Card for on-street parking meters, at all airports and at SNCB stations.

Looking for a car park en route? The free Milo app makes it easy to find the nearest available parking, based on your current location.

Parking meters and mobile parking with the free Milo app

You can also use your XXImo Mobility Card to pay for on-street parking at meters that accept Visa or mobile payment. This functionality is integrated into the Milo app. When you use mobile parking, you can start and stop your parking session manually at the touch of a button. The parking charges are automatically deducted from the balance on your XXImo Mobility Card.

You therefore do not need an additional account for a parking service if you are authorised for ‘parking’ and ‘mobile parking’.


You can also use XXImo to park at all airport car parks, also in the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Germany. In addition, valet parking at Zaventem airport can be used and paid for with XXImo. Book here.

Paying tolls with XXImo

Toll tunnels, bridges and roads also fall within the ‘Parking’ service. If you are authorised for ‘Parking’, you can use your XXImo Mobility Card to pay for all these types of tolls throughout Europe. Card-holders can use all gates marked ‘Visa’. Please note! The XXImo Mobility Card only works at manned pay points at the Liefkenshoek tunnel.

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