You can refuel with the XXImo Mobility Card in 95% of all filling stations in Belgium, including Q8, Maes, Lukoil, Esso, Dats24, Esso Express, Total, AVIA and Power. All refuelling by all cardholders is itemised together with other mobility expenditures on one clear VAT invoice. Receipts and declarations aren’t necessary anymore.

Focusing on fuel costs

XXImo enables you to focus on the price and that is why the network is subdivided into 3 price categories:

A: up to 4 cents gain per litre from the national recommended price
B: 5 to 11 cents gain per litre from the national recommended price
C: 11 cents or more gain per litre from the national recommended price

(Mobility) managers can use the ‘My XXImo’ online portal to designate the filling station price category at which each cardholder may refuel. In this way, you save easily on fuel costs by having cardholders refuel conscientiously. With XXImo you, the (mobility) manager, are in the driver’s seat. View all XXImo locations, such as filling stations, charging points and parking facilities here.


Extra discount at ‘A motorway’ stations

There are category B filling stations [Texaco, Esso and Q8] located on the motorways, where you are guaranteed at least a 5 cent discount from the pump price. You save costs whilst offering your cardholders flexibility.


Milo helps cardholders along the way

In the free Milo app from XXImo, cardholders find inter alia filling stations where they can use the XXImo Mobility Card. Is a cardholder authorised to refuel at category B and C filling stations? Then you see only those filling stations in the Milo app, which packs far more. See all the benefits from Milo here.


One fuel pass for Belgium and Europe

You can authorise your cardholders to refuel with XXImo abroad as well. In Europe, your card is accepted at all filling stations where Visa is accepted – expect the fuelstations that are part of a supermarkt like Carrefour, E. Leclerc, etc. You can moreover find all filling stations affiliated with XXImo in the Benelux and Germany in the free Milo app.


Request savings analysis

We can perform a savings analysis free of charge to prove that XXImo guarantees the highest fuel savings. Contact us for a free analysis.


The benefits of refuelling with XXImo

  • Refuelling at more than 80% of the filling stations in Europe.
  • Focus on costs instead of filling locations.
  • No fuss with receipts and declarations any more.
  • All your filling costs itemised on one VAT invoice suitable for your VAT return
  • No checks after the facts, but authorisation in advance
  • You will find the nearest filling station in the free Milo app
  • You can do far more with the XXImo Mobility Card than an ordinary refuelling card!
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