Shared Mobility

Business travel via shared mobility providers offers employer and employee many advantages – improved accessibility, less stress and cost savings by spending fewer hours in traffic jams. Shared mobility, combined with other mobility services such as public transport, is indispensable for developing a sustainable mobility policy.

Employees whose employers have authorised them for ‘shared mobility’ can make use of the following shared mobility providers:

1. Car sharing: Poppy
2. Bike sharing: Villo!, Velo Antwerpen, Billy Bike
3. Steps: Lime, Dott
4. Deelscooters: Poppy, Scooty, Felyx

Everything on a single invoice

All professional shared mobility journeys of all employees are grouped together with other mobility expenses on a single VAT invoice. Clear, easy and no hassle with receipts and expenses claims.

Immediately on the road

If employees are authorised for shared mobility, they can create a single online account with the above providers via the website or app. Choose Visa as your payment method and use the personal XXImo Mobility Card.

Shared mobility with XXImo – the advantages

  • Professional travel via shared mobility is more efficient, sustainable and healthier
  • One payment solution for all your car and bike sharing, steps and shared scooters
  • No more hassle with receipts and expense claims
  • All shared mobility grouped together with other mobility expenses on a single VAT invoice
  • XXImo Mobility facilitates many modes of transport for a sustainable mobility policy
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