Get from the station to a location in the city centre or from the airport to your hotel. At these busy times you will be keen to not have to worry about the method of payment and expense claims. A single taxi pass for all your taxi rides would be ideal for you. The XXImo Mobility Card will help in this situation; because you can also use it as a taxi pass. Which makes travelling by taxi a lot simpler.

Your XXImo Mobility Card as a taxi pass

You can use your XXImo Mobility Card as a taxi pass both in Belgium and abroad. You can use it to pay for any European taxi service which accepts Visa. In Belgium you reserve your business taxi rides with:

Brussels: Taxis Verts
Antwerp: Antwerp-Tax
Ghent: Vtax
Liège: Unitax

Paying taxi fares with XXImo – the benefits

  • A single payment method for all your taxi fares
  • No more worries about payment methods and keeping receipts
  • All national and international taxi transactions are grouped together on a single VAT invoice
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